© Hamza Aghamm
© Hamza Aghamm

OULED EL BLED is the story of four musicians from the North and the South of the Mediterranean Sea who have linked their lives to North Africa. It’s twenty years spent with Sufi brotherhoods, mountain musicians, Amazigh dancers, palace luthists, singer craftsmen. It's a captivating journey through original songs inspired by powerful traditions.

OULED EL BLED is an immersive declaration of love to Arab-Berber music.


Kahina Afzim: vocal, qanun, bendir / Frédéric Calmès: vocal, guitar / Léo Fabre-Cartier: oud, loutar, choir / Étienne Gruel: percussion, choir


Fist album available on all major streaming platforms: https://verseone.me/ouled_el_bled


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Stage references:

Festival Les Suds à Arles (France, 2024)

Villa des Arts (Morocco, 2023)

French Institut (Morocco, 2023)

French Institut (Algeria, 2022)


Radio 2M:

link to the report (french speaking)


Medi 1 TV:

- Link to the report - 12/02/2023 (french speaking)

- Link to the report - 06/28/2023 (arabic speaking)