© Hamza Aghamm
© Hamza Aghamm

It's beautiful, it's funny (if you speak Moroccan, otherwise it's just beautiful, sorry), it's also super intense and rhythmic!

Etienne, Léo, Fred and Kahina are French but their common passion for Arab and Amazigh musics has made them live and travel in Morocco and the Middle East. Rich in instruments and melodies collected, they lovingly wrote, with humor and poetry, songs that they sing in Darija!

These songs and their lyrics are directly inspired by the deep musical roots of Morocco: from the songs of the Middle Atlas to the zawiya of Zerhoun, from Marrakchi weddings to the cabarets of Casablanca, passing through the mischievous songs of Houcine Slaoui and the popular poetry of Chkara.

These original compositions tell of their attachment to Morocco and to chaabi music in particular!

Kahina Afzim: vocal, qanun, bendir / Frédéric Calmès: vocal, guitar / Léo Fabre-Cartier: oud, loutar, choir / Étienne Gruel: percussion, choir


Stage references:

Villa des Arts (Morocco, 2023)

French Institut (Morocco, 2023)

French Institut (Algeria, 2022)


Radio 2M :

link to the report (french speaking)