The Compagnie Les Chemins du Monde presents an unprecedented series of musical storytelling performances  that plunge us with  intensity and generosity in the hearth of the great forgotten and fascinating Moroccan history.

© Christine Laquet
© Christine Laquet

#1 Pirates !

The extraordinary epic of the greatest pirates of all the Atlantic and the Mediterranean


Throughout several centuries, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean were crisscrossed by mysterious and amazings ships flying a black flag and carrying aboard intrepid sailors from all over the world. They engage in one of the most fabulous maritime adventures of history : piracy!


If "Pirates !" gives pride of place to travel, adventure, laughter, songs and the marvellous, it is also a precious opportunity for spectators to discover an extraordinary and little-known page of Moroccan history and of the close and forgotten relationships that the kingdom maintained with its northern neighbors. From the arrival, at Salé Jdid, of the Andalusians driven from their land, to the construction of the Rabati fleet through the unexpected intervention of Christians from all over Europe who came to seek freedom, wealth and adventure, to the unprecedented exploits of captains who marked generations of navigators, “Pirates !" reveals with generosity and clarity a captivating moment in Moroccan history.


Faith Bale Barker: vocal lead  /  Frédéric Calmès: storyteller, guitar, vocal  /  Léo Fabre-Cartier: oud, vocal

French language show / Length: one hour /  Starting from nine years old

© Hamza Aghamm
© Hamza Aghamm

#2 Estevanico

The extraordinary story of Mustapha d'Azzemour also called "Esteban the black", the discoverer of the cities of gold


At the very beginning of the 16th century, a few years after Christopher Columbus, an intrepid and talented young Moroccan would become the first known African to set foot on the new world. During an extraordinary journey worthy of the best adventure novels, Estevanico d'Azemmour will be in turn slave, interpreter, explorer, healer, shaman and even, whether the Europeans like it, the first man of the ancient world. to reach the west coast of the Americas!

Second opus of the project “Raconte-moi le Maroc extraordinaire", “Estevanico” takes us once again on the fascinating traces of the forgotten pages of the history of the Moroccan kingdom. A true epic, intimately intertwining storytelling and music, this show invites young and old with energy and generosity for an hour of fun, discovery, laughter and songs!


Frédéric Calmès: storyteller, guitar, vocal  /  Léo Fabre-Cartier: oud, loutar, vocal /  Etienne Gruel: percussion, vocal

French language show / Length: 70 minutes Starting from nine years old

© Institut Français de Méknès
© Institut Français de Méknès

#3 Le Voyage de Delacroix

The Moroccan adventure that changed the history of painting


There are adventures that change your life and others that change the course of history. It is one of these adventures that the French painter Eugène Delacroix began when he landed on January 25, 1832 in the harbor of Tangier. He did not know it yet, but what he was going to experience during this extraordinary trip through the Cherifian Kingdom was going to profoundly change his art but also the whole history of Western painting.

From festive Jewish weddings to fearsome ambushes, from colorful fantasias to fascinating Sufi ceremonies, from the dusty roads to the noble court of the sultan, this incredible journey takes us with strength, humour, emotion and songs, from Tangier to Meknes, to the heart of a Morocco almost unknown to Europeans at the time.


Frédéric Calmès: storyteller, guitar, vocal, percussion  /  Léo Fabre-Cartier: storyteller, loutar, vocal

French language show / Length: 50 minutes /  Starting from ten years old

Mosaic, Kasbah of the Udayas, Rabat
Mosaic, Kasbah of the Udayas, Rabat

# 4 La légende du Chat Jaune des Oudayas


From the time when magic was still part of human life, in the heart of the ramparts of the astonishing kasba of the Oudayas, Ines, a lonely and courageous little girl, is hungry and afraid. The city is besieged and the enemies threaten the illustrious city a little more every day. It is then that a cat like no other will transform Ines' life. Will the two of them be able to restore peace and joy on the banks of the Bouregreg?

All in music and songs, the show takes up with humour, emotion and magic the famous legend of the yellow cat of the Oudayas, offering toddlers a joyful dive into one of the most tender and astonishing legends of the capital of the Cherifian kingdom.


Frédéric Calmès: storyteller, vocal, percussion  /  Léo Fabre-Cartier: vocal, loutar

French language show / Length: 40 minutes /  Starting from four years old

© Anna Bertreux
© Anna Bertreux

#5 Casablanca ou le désordre génial

The story of the most improbable of Moroccan cities


Casablanca is a city of incredible disorder where, like nowhere else in Morocco, heavy industries and small trades, advanced technologies and magic rituals, wealth and poverty, beauty and dirt, enthusiasm and exasperation mingle!

But how did this totally atypical and, to say the least, fascinating city come into being? Who is behind this unique and improbable urban adventure? Does the answer seem obvious to you? Well think again, the received ideas are numerous and few know the real secrets of the white city.

So if you like mystery, love, fights, crazy adventures, conspiracies, magic and songs, get on board without delay with "Casablanca ou le désordre génial" and fly away through the meanders of time, from the 18th century to the present day for an unforgettable, funny and moving journey!


Frédéric Calmès: storyteller, guitar, vocal  /  Léo Fabre-Cartier: oud, loutar, vocal  /  Etienne Gruel: percussion, vocal

French language show / Length: one hour / Starting from nine years old

© Hamza Aghamm
© Hamza Aghamm

De l'olive jusqu'au cou

An incredible epic around the Mediterranean


Bachir, the young Moroccan shepherd, will he manage to gather the best olive oils from the Mediterranean and avoid the terrible fate that threatens him? Will he be able to escape the thousand dangers that await him? Survive storms and the wrath of geniuses? Will he manage to marry the princ… Well, we're not going to tell you everything!


But this wacky, musical and magical epic, where a millennial and talkative dove, a water ski champion, an idiotic ogre, a cursed merchant and many others meet, will delight the ears of young and old, will give them the desire to clap their hands really hard and eat five fruits and vegetables a day.


Frédéric Calmès: storyteller, vocal, guitar, violin  /  Léo Fabre-Cartier: vocal, oud

French language show / Length: 60 minutes /  Starting from nine years old

© Catherine Therrien
© Catherine Therrien

TRACES - Histoires de migrant.e.s

Who listens to these stories of those who refuse to resign themselves, who dare to leave everything, by renewing one of the founding acts of the humanity: to stand up and walk, regardless of the risks, towards an elsewhere? So come, come listen, you might be surprised.

As part of the Ithaca research project and after three creative residencies at the Meknes French Institute and at the Maison Denise Masson of the Marrakech French Institute, the Compagnie Les Chemins du Monde and four sub-Saharan artists invite you to a real immersion, in storytelling and music, at the heart of the staggering itinerary of African migrants from Africa.


Frédéric Calmès: storyteller, vocal Mbemba Diabate: kora, vocal, percussion /  Suzanne Essombe Ekwa: dance  /  Léo Fabre-Cartier: oud, loutar, percussion, vocal  /  Etienne Gruel: percussion, vocal /  Moussa Issa: slam, storyteller /  Joël Koungou Essindi: guitar, percussion, vocal, storyteller  /  With the kind contribution of Serge Laly, storyteller

French language show / Length: 70 minutes /  Starting from nine years old