© Rayan Ramful
© Rayan Ramful

Meeting beetwen Oriental music and Ancient Music


The Ensemble Les Turqueries is born to create a meeting beetween the  music of the Orient and Western ancient music.


While these two culture might sometimes seem far apart, they have always been intimately linked, notably in great cities like Venice and Constantinople.


Through the repertoire they offer, the young musicians of this ensemble highlight the points of contact between the musics of these two cultures: ornamentation, improvisation, rhythmic and melodic modalities, temperament, oral tradition...


We will then realise that what could seem so distant is in fact so close…

Véronique Bouilloux : baroque violin

Sacha Dessandier-Volkoff : baroque cello, song

Simon Waddell : baroque guitar, théorbo

Léo Fabre-Cartier : oud

Thibaut Rocheron : oriental percussions (derbouka, def, riqq)